Pack Master Web Administration Documentation

This module was created by Rick Broker. The latest version of the module may be available at Source Forge

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About Pack Master Web


Updgrading from a Previous Version

Installing Pack Master Web


Blocks in Pack Master Web

About Pack Master Web

The Pack Master Web module works with Xoops version 2.07. I built this module because the Cub Scout Pack that my son is a member of uses Pack Master Software from Troopmaster Software, Inc. Pack Master allows a Cub Scout Pack to track the advancement of the Cub Scouts and the adult leaders. It also creates some interesting reports. Pack Master is a Windows program an while there are add-ons to allow for sharing of the data files. I started making a web site for our pack. I used Xoops to setup the web site. As the pack leadership discussed what we wanted on the site, we decided that it would be nice if the boys and their parents could verify that we have recorded their progress towards their ranks. Pack Master Web was born. The initial plan was to allow us to upload CSV (Comma Separated Variable) files exported from Pack Master into the Pack Master Web module. Later development may include data entry so the whole process can be done on our web site.


bob was developed using the following versions.






Your results will probably be best if you are using similar version numbers. Please report any version issues, so they can be corrected.

Upgrading 0.1 from Previous Versions

Hey this is the first release, so just install it.

Installing Pack Master Web

Pack Master Web is installed just like any other xoops module.

You are now ready to configure PackMasterWeb.

Configuring Pack Master Web

Pack Master Web has a number of settings that control the display and operation of the Pack Master Web.



Other Configuration

This section is general information about xoops and blocks, it is not specific to PackMasterWeb

Block Visibility in Xoops

To control block placement and visibility in xoops, go to /admin.php, and select "System Admin", and then select blocks. Check the blocks you want to be visible, and their positions

One of the more common questions asked in xoops is "Why can't people see my blocks?". The answer is you need to enable block visibility for anonymous users, if you want casual visitors to your site to see this module. This can be done under xoops administration/groups/anonymous users. Check next to every block you want visitors who have not signed in.

You need to do this for module access, and block access, but NOT for administration.

Block Titles

The block titles are displayed at the top of the block. By default, xoops sets the block title to be the same as the block name. Go to System Administration/blocks and click on "Edit" next to the block whose title you want to change.


PackMasterWeb currently does not have any special blocks.